It all started with a table.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Hey guys,

So, I launched my website for Juniper Berry yesterday and it has now been live for 24 hours. The response has been brilliant so far. Thank you! It makes me so happy to be able to create things that will put a smile on people's faces, capture a memory they hold dear to them and turn it into something they can keep. I have really enjoyed getting the requests and pictures for me to do some personalised pieces that are really important to you. That you trust me to make these keepsakes for you is so lovely.

If you have had a look at my page then you may have noticed that the first image you will see is me. Bold choice hey? Haha! It was and it was not my first choice, honest but I am really keen to do every aspect of this myself, website, products, logo, photography, the lot. I am very fortunate to have many talented people in my life who are helping me tweak things along the way and helping to create this business. My wonderful photographer cousin, who let me know that the photoshoot my husband and I did in the woods was great but I look a little green with the lighting. She edited the cover picture for me and told me to use it as the main image, I trust her eye for things and well, I love it and I loved wearing my products.

My lovely husband trekking through the wood taking 1000's of photographs for me. He has been so helpful and as he says... he loves to encourage my art! My teacher friends who are kindly helping with my grammar...

I am processing orders today and posting some out. Starting on new pieces I am excited about. Waiting for the wood burning kit to arrive to bring you some exciting new things. It all feels like a real little business now.

Plus I am sat writing a blog post on a train on my laptop like a proper little business woman on the commute. (Only person in the carriage - good job with the social distancing Avanti)

And of course I am wearing a Juniper Berry!

And to think that this all started with a table :)

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