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Very exciting news folks, recently I have had my products stocked in 2 amazing shops! I am so happy and grateful that people are willing to stock my necklace range and arts and crafts in their stores. It makes me proud to have such amazing companies get behind me.

So, for those of you from my hometown of Liverpool, who would like to purchase any designs or see them in a shop window :) you can see them at The Witch House on Lark Lane. Those of you who know Lark Lane, know it is famous for it's quirky shops and characters and I am thrilled to have my creations displayed in a window there. It is also my second home when I am in Liverpool and it makes me smile to know that all the people I love will be walking past it, with my little necklaces hanging in the window.

If you have never been in to this shop before, then I strongly suggest you go in and take a look around. It is filled with the most beautiful things. It has stunning jewellery, art, clothes, shoes, spell books, wands, lotions and potions and more. I was in love with every single thing in there and left with a stunning new necklace myself. Plus the staff are incredible <3 Amazing that these lovely ladies are letting me have a space in their boss shop! Thank you so much.

How amazing?

Today I have been busy setting up my area in The Zero Waste Shop at The Quiet Site. The Quiet Site is an incredible camp site in Ullswater and is where I currently work. I am so happy to be able to start to sell my products in the shop now too. It is the perfect place for Juniper Berry as the Quiet Site is all about being eco friendly and has won multiple awards in sustainability. My whole range was inspired by this place and the gorgeous Lake District area.

I have always loved the beautiful products we stock and now I have my own little shelf and I couldn't be happier about it.

The Quiet Site shop is full of eco friendly gifts, toiletries, accessories and locally sourced produce. I have loved seeing the shop open and thrive while we have worked here and now to see my own range on the shelf is great. I feel like it is a great fit as I love working here and now I can combine it with my little business. Win - win.

If you are ever looking for an amazing camping/glamping trip then The Quiet Site is the place to be.

Huge thank you to the Witch House and Helen and Crystal for letting me have space in your wonderfully unique shop and a massive thank you to Daniel for continuing to be a great person to work for who is always keen to help the staff to further any of their goals :)

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