Juniper Berry Store - Opens it's doors.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020


Welcome to Juniper Berry, my new online store. A place for arts, crafts and all things creative. My name is Jenny and I am an artist currently living in the Lake District. I have always loved art and creating things. For as long as I can remember, it has been a passion of mine but I have not always had the time to focus on it. Since settling down in the Lakes I have not only had a space to work in and store all my creations but I have also been fortunate enough to live and work with lots of creatives and learn many new skills. Taking me from doodling occasionally to trying my hand at painting, making furniture, gift cards, toys, jewellery and more.

My hope for Juniper Berry is to create a space that not only sells beautiful bespoke gifts but is a hub of creative activity that people can connect through and share their own art and experience. Anything from painting to poetry, I want to see and hear it all and I hope to host meet ups in the future.

2020 has of course been a very challenging year so far and as you all will know we have found ourselves in a situation that we have never really seen before in our lifetime. Some of us with a lot of spare time on our hands, without the ability to go anywhere and for me art and creating is what I turn to whenever times are tough, so being in lockdown I have naturally turned to new projects to keep me busy.

I started with trying my hand at carpentry. My colleague, a talented carpenter made a little table from some scrap wood he found and it was beautiful. It looked like something I would certainly buy for myself and I wondered if I could make something similar. Then I found my perfect piece of wood and decided to try. A week later I had this stunning new table for my fruit bowl.

So after that I knew I definitely had a new hobby. I bought myself some new tools and started creating.

Starting small, I began making bespoke jewellery. Using the designs I have always loved - floral, doodle style, bohemian - and after posting a couple of pictures to my social media accounts, I had interest in them right away. I have been selling from my Instagram for about 3 weeks now and it has been going great!

As well as making a start on the new wooden jewellery range , I have been busy making colourful canvas wall art sets. I have always enjoyed painting and finding unique ways to make designs. Recently I have enjoyed making these canvas's using acrylic paints and a spoon.

To create my new shop Juniper Berry, I invested in a new laptop, I am not a technical whiz by any sense of the word but I set out to create the website, logo and everything else on my own. So this is all a learning process for me and I would like to say thank you to everyone who has given me tips and advice so far. To those who have purchased and shared my creations so far, thank you so much. It really means the world to me.


Lets see how it all goes :)



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