New Year - New Idea's

Having started Juniper Berry at the very beginning of lockdown 2020, it is hard to believe it is almost a year since I started selling my products to you all and having my own little business to look after. It has blossomed in to something lovely and I am really grateful to everyone who has purchased from me and supported my small business. I have some really loyal customers. It is also hard to believe we are still in a lockdown situation a year on but having Juniper Berry has been a real positive thing I have been able to take away from 2020.

Over the year, my style has changed day by day. I have gained new skills, creatively speaking and also with the technological side of things, and I now feel like this is a proper little business rather than a just my hobby. I have been so lucky that people often inspire me and give me new idea's. You can see the ever changing directions I go in, I love to explore and try new things and have created some really gorgeous products with the help and idea's from my friends.

I have some really exciting things to come in 2021. I have recently released some Juniper berry merch, with the help of my lovely friend Mia- Louise Edgar. We are currently working on a small sustainable clothing line and putting the last bits in place for this. So that is exciting!

This year I am setting some goals, reaching out to some more people to collaborate with and trying to establish Juniper Berry on an even bigger level.

On that note, I have loved working with other creatives, so if anyone would like to talk about any collaborative efforts then please let me know! I am really hopeful that craft fairs may be able to go ahead at some point this year. This is something I am really looking forward to. I have been making lots of extra bits and pieces to have handy for when the day arrives. I just want to meet the people I have met online now!

So bring on 2021! Take care everyone and stay safe and lets hope it's a bit better than 2020.


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